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Haven't been keeping up with dA as of late, so it's been a while since I've seen these girls. They're just as bursting with personality and individuality as ever. You did an almost unnervingly good job of capturing the depths of despair and going completely nuts because of it. Loved it!

The art is interesting, the voice acting is good, the concept is cool. These are all sincere statements, and you should build upon these strengths.

But I'm sorry, the ENTIRE thing was nothing but RIDICULOUSLY condensed exposition. There wasn't any real feeling or buildup to any of it - Click start, then voices saying "Thishappenedthenthishappenedthenthis happenedthenthishappenedthenthishappe ned
thenthishappenedthenthishappenedthent hishappenedthenthishappenedthenthisha ppened..."

I'll say it again, you've got the makings of something good here, but you need put some pacing in there. By the time I was able to understand that he used to be a real badass, the Mayan (Aztec? Incan?) was already forty seconds into the explanation of why he was suddenly a time-wizard. Give us some time to get into things, otherwise there's no way for us to build up an emotional investment in the story or its characters.

And I suspect it was also done to accommodate as much information as possible, but just in case it's unrelated, you should slow down the rate at which your characters talk, too. Again though, if you were just doing that to get info out there, then pacing is all you need.

Anyway, I *do* hope to see more from you and this series - give us something to cheer about!

Okay, I'm sorry, but I *need* to know: is how Calamity speaks your normal manner of talking? Because it is FANTASTIC. This entire animation is *mind-blowingly* good, and I could listen to the twelve seconds of your song-spell on a loop FOREVER. I am a complete sucker for a woman who can sing with real force, and if we were to ever meet, I would likely give you my heart. But sadly, all I can offer a favorite.

The favorite icon looks like a heart, though!

Now yes, I do have to admit that, as others have said before, at least Wrip's voice was a little inconsistent in terms of accent and, yes, maybe Calamity was hard to understand at the start, but I honestly didn't care by the end, for reasons I've already explained. If I had to offer some (different) advice, I'd say you need to focus on putting that final bit of polish on, well, everything. Now, don't think for a second that means what you have here isn't good, or great even. You know how you might see in a TV show or movie a chef slave over an extravagant meal, and everything looks so delicious you want to take a bite out of your screen? But before he or she lets it go out to the customer, they hold up a hand to stop the waiter, then carefully, SO gingerly, grab a tiny piece of parsley and place it on top of the steak with *micron* precision, and somehow that makes the entire thing completely perfect? That's what I mean - that one tiny bit of extra perfection that makes you go from "great" to "bathed in a heavenly light while an angelic chorus sings Hallelujah." Just that final bit of finish on the art, the animation, the voices, and your work will shine like the sun.

If I sound overly flattering in this, it's because I want to stress that this *is* fantastic, because I can see that you are entirely capable of raising the bar as high as it will go, and because I want to encourage you to do so. (And maybe a little because of that voice-crush I mentioned.)

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Do you know how good this game is? I'll tell you. I got to the very last part of the game, and it crashed on me. And then, I got back to the last room. And it crashed on me again.

And I *still* played through again to see the end.

Just so we're clear, I'm pretty sure the problem was on my end with the crashing. This computer I'm using isn't super-powerful. But this was so intriguing that I played through the game three consecutive times in order to see how it turned out. *That,* my friend, is some quality work. Excellent job.

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Well, on the positive side, it's a fun and creative game with likable characters, a unique art style, and puzzle logic that actually makes some degree of sense, unlike a lot of adventure games you see.


Unfortunately, I found a glitch that stopped me cold. Once you're in the Daemon's stomach, if you climb to the very top of the path and hover your mouse in the upper left part of the screen, you'll see the word "Daemon" pop up. If you choose Examine, you'll get the same text as when you first saw him sleeping on the cliff. If you choose Interact, the game seems to freeze. And since I usually browse with Private Mode on, this means I didn't have a save file available when I had to refresh the page. I'm reviewing this now and giving it four stars because what I was able to play was really good and made me confident the rest of the game will match up quality-wise. I just don't want to ruin the luster by having to play through it twice in a row. I'll come back some other time and finish it up properly. And finally, I think it might be good to pick up Doris' walking pace just a little. It wasn't super draggy, and I know she's old, but it might help keep the pace up. All the same, this game was really good, and I look forward to the next parts!

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ArrogantPixel responds:

Thank you for the very detailed feedback! We were discussing last night how we should have put a disclaimer in warning people that we use temporary files on the browser to save - we aim to do this in the next update. Also, your bugs have been noted! If you want to experience the game in full screen and not worry about the save function, you can download a DRM free version without ads on our website. Thanks for playing!

The game itself is pretty basic, but then again, there's not much you can really do to spice up these "Where's Waldo"-type things. The random retro tracks are a nice touch, and you've pulled from a pretty impressive pool video games, so you did a good job playing up the nostalgia factor.

Now, I do have to get kind of fanboy here, because it involves my favorite game series of all time, so fair warning.

The character Eve isn't actually from the game EarthBound, and while Ness is, the character you have in the game isn't Ness. Short backstory: EarthBound is the second in a series of games named the "Mother" series. The first Mother - the one the sprites in this game came from - came out on the NES, but only in Japan (so, technically the Famicom, if you wanna get really nitpicky). The next game came out in both Japan and the US. Over there, it was Mother 2. Over here, it was EarthBound. Mother's main character's name was Ninten. Ness was the main character in EarthBound. So, it should be Eve from the game Mother, and Ninten from the game Mother. Which might be kind of a hard one for some people, considering the whole "no US release" thing.

Anyway, sorry if I came across as a know-it all. I just wanted to provide a little additional info, especially to anyone who might be interested in these games. They're my favorites, so I want to share them!

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Perhaps the handiest word to know in any language.

...well, right after "toilet."

Even just as basic sketches your drawings have such a refined look to them. Lots of people (myself included) couldn't get these kinds of relatively smooth curves and lines in one stroke, especially on a sketch, and especially-especially using what I'm guessing is just a normal pen on a rough, uneven paper towel. Getting to see your physical drawings is really interesting, too - they have a different kind of expressiveness than your digitally-made works. I think it's partly because of the shading, and because you use lines for shapes here when your digital pictures largely use solids for shapes. It's a really cool comparison.

callmedoc responds:

I really appreciate you taking the time for this. I seldom really reflect on the way I work with art since like most artists I just do it and have been for a long while. It made me for a moment muse and think upon the difference of the work, and it's roots. Thank you kindly!

Oh my, aren't they sassy? Love their looks, love their body language, love what I assume is their jewelry. Makes me wanna strike a pose myself.

People are friggin' WEIRD.

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